NFTs on Bitcoin: Satoshibles Announce Partnership with Stacks Blockchain

Since day one of our launch, less than two months ago, we have been popular with users from the Bitcoin community. Some even stating that Satoshibles were the first NFT they purchased!

Using Satoshi as our mascot, we have always felt that we are the NFT for Bitcoin enthusiasts, however, it’s a pretty hard sell when your project is on Ethereum. Today, we are happy to announce that this is about to change!

We are working directly with the team at Stacks to build an NFT bridge between Ethereum and Stacks Blockchain! This collaboration will allow Satoshible holders to be the very first NFT on Ethereum that can be ported over to Bitcoin via Stacks!

The super smart team at Stacks are making Bitcoin programmable, finally bringing smart contract functionality to the number one blockchain in the world.

Owners will be able to port their Satoshibles to Bitcoin via Stacks. The plan is to build a two way bridge to port over to Bitcoin or come back to Ethereum at any time. If this works, it means that a single Satoshible can only be “active” on one blockchain at a time.

Since all attributes will remain the same on both chains, we wanted a way to quickly tell which network a Satoshible is currently on. To do this, Satoshibles on Stacks will have an updated background with a colored pattern and the BTC logo.

Here is an example:

Here is what Satoshibles will look like on Bitcoin

If the Satoshible gets ported back to Ethereum, then the background will be back to the original.

Once on stacks, holders will be able to trade it there in the available marketplaces. This is all early days on Stacks, making Satoshibles one of the first large scale projects to get in on this.

All of this is of course entirly optional, holders do not need to port anything over if they don’t want to. We just think this is a really great opportunity to get us in, at the ground level, of a growing technology in the NFT space.

We keep hearing from bitcoin maxis… “Oh, I wish this was on Bitcoin!”.

Well, let’s give them what they want!

What to do next?

  1. To stay up to date on the latest news about the Stacks collaboration, make sure to join the Satoshibles Discord here:
  2. Get your own Satoshible here:
  3. Follow us here:



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