Newsletter #3

Welcome to the third instalment of the Satoshibles Newsletter, in this edition we are going to focus mainly on StacksBridge and outline our exciting updated plans (there’s more stuff!) for StacksBridge 2.0!

We have already shared with you a few of the changes that we are making to StacksBridge, so let’s start off by recapping the key points so far.

You will soon be able to bridge your Monster Satoshibles to Stacks via StacksBridge, where you will then be able to claim free Monster Satoshible mints on Stacks. You can find out more in Newsletter #2 🚀

The escrow fee on StacksBridge is your return ticket back over the bridge, it covers the cost of the release transaction. In 2.0, the escrow fee will only be charged on the way back to the originating chain, compared to now, where you pay the escrow fee when moving away from the originating chain. This is a change we are making based on feedback from the community, particularly when holders want to move a large quantity of Satoshibles over to Stacks and have no intentions of bridging back, it makes more sense to only need to pay the escrow if you want to bridge back.

What is the new stuff I hear you ask?!

One of the big features that we are adding to StacksBridge 2.0, is the ability for other projects to bridge from ETH to Stacks, or Stacks to ETH. Given we have pioneered the cross-chain approach, we have had some really exciting projects contact us recently, who we are eager to join.

Why bridge to Stacks?
For Ethereum projects, bridging over to Stacks is great for holders who are never going to sell, those diamond hand holders can bridge over and hodl their NFT on Bitcoin, the most secure blockchain in the world! Another benefit is that NFT projects can give their holders access to a completely new market. The bitcoin NFT scene is growing rapidly!

We are happy to announce that you can now sign up for pre-registration for StacksBridge, this does not guarantee access to the bridge directly on the launch of version 2, however you will be added to the back-log of projects and we will work our way through this once we start to onboard projects.

If you own an NFT project on Ethereum or Stacks and would like to use the bridge, get in touch!

👉 You can Sign Up Here for pre-registration 👈

Bridge anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Another nugget of breaking news for you is that we are actively working with our good friends over at Xverse to make StacksBridge compatible with mobile directly in their app!

We are not sure if we will be able to squeeze this in as part of StacksBridge 2.0, but we thought it was too exciting of an update to not let you know our intentions. If you don’t already know by now, Xverse is the mobile way to connect to DeFi, NFT and other decentralized applications built using Stacks and secured by Bitcoin. More info on this as it evolves!

P.S. We also have big plans for a SatoshiCoin utility on the Bridge, but more on that later 😜

Be careful out there

There appears to have been a spike in wallets being breached. So please do be careful. If you are unsure of something, ask in our discord server, there are many people in our community who are happy to help.

Things like links to new mints from “popular” projects are becoming very common, these are mostly scams. Clicking on a link that opens up MetaMask and asks for approval is a red flag and you should never approve anything unless you are sure it’s legit. We hate to see it happen to anyone, especially members of our community, so please reach out if something looks strange and we can help.

Start Spreading the News!

As NFTnyc is only a few weeks away, we wanted to remind you that some of the Satoshibles team (Bruff & Byron) will be in New York for the event! We will do our best to spread the good word of Satoshibles!

To celebrate the occasion, we are going to host a competition called…

“Sats in the City” - All you need to do to enter is take a photo anywhere in New York of yourself holding a printed version of your Satoshible, between the 20th — 23rd June. It can be printed on paper or any other physical thing you can think of (t-shirt, etc.), as long as it’s your Satoshible and you and it are clearly visible. Extra points for creativity!

Post your photo on Twitter and tag @satoshibles along with the hashtag #SatsInTheCity - the winners will be chosen in the discord on 25th June.

1st Prize: 200 STX and a Satoshible 🤯
2nd Prize: 100 STX and a NiftySlab
3rd Prize: 50 STX

Hope to see some of you there! If you will be around NYC during that time, make sure to reach out to us in the Discord and we can meet up! 😎

See you in the next newsletter! 👋



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